Elevate your spiritual practice with our beautiful mala beads, perfect for meditation and intention-setting. Handmade with love and high-quality materials.



  • Sphatik Mala

    Our Sphatik Mala is made with high-quality, pure quartz crystal beads and is believed to bring positive energy and enhance one's spiritual journey.

  • Navratna Mala

    Our Navratna Mala features a beautiful combination of nine precious gemstones, known for their healing and balancing properties. It's a perfect accessory for meditation and daily wear.

  • Hakik Mala

    Our Hakik Mala is made of high-quality agate stones and can be used for meditation, healing and as a fashion accessory. Its smooth texture and elegant design make it a great addition to any spiritual or fashion collection.

  • Chakra Mala or Yoga Mala

    Our Chakra Mala or Yoga Mala is made of natural healing stones that help balance the chakras and enhance the yoga practice, making it an ideal accessory for spiritual seekers and yoga enthusiasts.

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