White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat
  • White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat
  • White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat
  • White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat
  • White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat
  • White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat
  • White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat

White Coral Stone (Moonga) & Certified 6.25 Carat

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  • The mars led white coral gem protects its wearer against evil spirit, hexing, black magic.
  • Those people who are facing financial issues or monetary issues must wear this stone.
  • White coral gemstone will help its wearer overcome financial issues.
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Natural White Coral (Moonga) @500 per Carat 6.25

White Coral is a gemstone blessed with special healing powers. It is used to improve general debility, anxiety, fear of the unknown and provides strength, boosting of the immune system and ability of regeneration.

Certain Ayurveda texts prescribe usage of white coral in treatment of blood related disorders, jaundice and ailments peculiar to a tropical climate.

Females, who have a tendency of miscarriage, should tie a white coral around their navel after 90 days of conceiving. This ensures a safe delivery as written in the sacred texts.

In General The white Coral is worn in silver but in certain conditions such as Mars Sun conjunction or Mars aspected by Sun it is worn in Gold also. It is seen that this gem gives good results in either of the metals.white coral gemstone is associated with the coercive planet mars that denote sexuality, courage, determination, passion, cruelty, anger and self confidence. The mars is contemplated to be the commander in chief among all the planets. The planet enforces the physical strength, stamina, self confidence and avoid heal blood related diseases. Since, mars symbolize the cruelty, aggressiveness and dominate nature. Therefore, it is only benevolent if it inclines in the auspicious houses. In case, if it is placed in the negative houses will create impact in the overall personality of an individual. Thus, a proper re and guidance is required before wearing coral stone.To perceive the benevolent results; the white coral gemstone should be purchases on the account of Tuesday. Nonetheless, if it not possible to buy white coral stone on Tuesday, then Sunday would be the most optimum or desired day to buy this gemstone.

The substantial planet mars engenders positive affects in the lives of individual if it is being subscribed with the metals like gold or silver. It is acknowledged that embedding white coral in either of two metals will generate positive results in the aura of human being.While adopting the auspicious white coral ring native should confront the east direction and in order to dispel the negative energies from the stone. It has to be submerged in either milk or water for a specific period of time.
After, the former step the white coral stone should be put on to the white cloth and whilst reciting the mantra for 108 timesthe astrologer wears the ring in ring finger of the right hand.

  • Purpose:
    To gain medicinal benefits, fight off heart-related diseases and malefic eyes
  • How to Wear:
    in either gold, platinum or silver ring/pendant/bracelet on ring finger of the right hand
  • Symbolizes:
    Security, Wealth and Spiritual Awakening

Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum”
The white coral stone will commence to reflect its positive results after one month and it will continue to showcase its usefulness for at least four years.

White Coral Stone

During the olden days, they were used in ships to nullify negative vibes and to keep the ill-effects of sea monsters and pirates at bay. Certain ancient hamlets of Europe and Scandinavia still follow the traditional practice of using this gemstone to ward off evil practices.

The white gemstone is also called Shwet Praval or Safed Moon ..

White Coral Stone Stone gemstone is deposited in the sea water on the branches of plant reef. The white coral gemstone is also produced in the same manner alike red coral gemstone. Similarly, just like a red coral stone, this stone is also known to carry impelling magical properties along with it that ensures in bringing positive changes in the lives of its wearer.

The reason why white coral carries magical forces with it because this stone is affiliated with the dominant planet Mars, which is termed as the powerful planet that represents the strength, wisdom, intellect, sexual power, courage, determination and enthusiasm. The top ten advantageous of wearing a white coral stone is given below:

The first benefit of wearing white coral is that it will assist an individual to combat against its enemies. The stone dissipates the ill effects and overcome obstacles as Mars are regarded to be the commander in chief among all planets.

The second advantage of white coral is that it dispels laziness and energies a person and assists him/her to accomplish their tasks at a given time.

White Coral Stone  also increases the ability of logical thinking. Therefore, the white coral stone is extremely useful for those students who are preparing for competitive exams. Nonetheless, they must consult an astrologer before wearing this stone for the above-mentioned reasons.

White Coral Stone  is considered as a great healer for mental health. The stone is known to emanate the nervousness and endow vigor and passion. It helps in reducing problems related to minds such as a headache, brain tumor, and sinus.

The Mars is recognized as the center of power and everlasting energy. The stone white coral ensures to transfer this energy in the life of its wearer. Therefore, this stone is reputed as the best stone for boosting self-confidence and self-esteem

Those who have a temperamental issue or short-tempered people must adopt this stone. As the effective gemstone will help in controlling the anger and divert energy in a positive direction.

Those individuals who are in problem due to Manglik problem or malefic mars should subscribe the natural white coral to overcome this serious problem. The stone efficient ally deviates the negative energy of Mars into positive energies.

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